The James L. Kinneavy Award

Each year at the meeting of the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition at the
CCCC Convention, JAC presents The James L. Kinneavy Award for the most outstanding article published that year in JAC.  The award was generously endowed by the late James Kinneavy, Bloomberg Centennial Professor at the University of Texas.

2013 Recipient

C. Kendall Theado, "Narrating the Nation: Second Wave Immigration, Literacy, and the Framing
of American Identity."

2012 Recipient
Stan Harrison, "Combined Development, Not Digital Divide: A Discourse on the Possibility of
Social-Linguistic Emergence in the Age of Viral Capitalism"

2011 Recipient

Brian Jackson, "Neuroscience and the New Urgency of Emotional Appeals."

2010 Recipient

Rob Boddice, “The Moral Status of Animals and the Historical Human Cachet.”

2009 Recipient

Diane Davis, “Greetings: On Levinas and the Wagging Tail.”

2008 Recipient

Mustapha Marrouchi, “Evental Sites of Resistance.”

2007 Recipient

Kory Lawson Ching, “Theory and Its Practice in Composition Studies.”

2006 Recipient

Mustapha Marrouchi, “Out of the Bazaar, into the Club and Far Beyond with
Homi Bhabha.”

2005 Recipient

Karen L. Kopelson. “Tripping Over Our Tropes: Of ‘Passing’ and Postmodern Subjectivity—What’s in a Metaphor?”

2004 Recipient

Nancy K. Miller. “The Girl in the Photograph: The Vietnam War
and the Making of National Memory.”

2003 Recipient

Cynthia Haynes. “Writing Offshore: The Disappearing Coastline of Composition Theory.”

2002 Recipients

Marc Bousquet, “Composition as Management Science: Toward a University without a WPA.”

Susan Searls Giroux, “The Post-9/11 University and the Project of Democracy.”

2001 Recipients

Henry A. Giroux, “Private Satisfactions and Public Disorders: Fight Club, Patriarchy, and the Politics of Masculine Violence.”

Thomas Rickert, “‘Hands Up, You’re Free’: Composition in a Post-Oedipal World.”

2000 Recipients

Trimbur, John, “Agency and the Death of the Author: A Partial Defense of Modernism.”

Michael Bernard-Donals, “Ethos, Witness, and Holocaust ‘Testimony’:
The Rhetoric of Fragments.

1999 Recipient

D. Diane Davis, “‘Addicted to Love’; Or, Toward an Inessential Solidarity.”

1998 Recipient

Susan C. Jarratt, “Beside Ourselves: Rhetoric and Representation in Postcolonial Feminist Writing.”

1997 Recipients

Bruce McComiskey, “Social-Process Rhetorical Inquiry: Cultural Studies Methodologies for Critical Writing about Advertisement.”

Honorable Mention: Pamela K. Gilbert, “Meditations upon Hypertext: A Rhetorethics for Cyborgs.”

1996 Recipients

Richard E. Miller, “What Does It Mean to Learn? William Bennett, the Educational Testing Service, and a Praxis of the Sublime.”

Honorable Mention: Nancy Welch, “Worlds in the Making: The Literacy Project as Potential Space."

1995 Recipient

David W. Smit, “Hall of Mirrors: Antifoundationalist Theory and the Teaching of Writing.”

1994 Recipient

George L. Pullman, “Rhetoric and Hermeneutics: Composition, Invention, and Literature."

1993 Recipients

Michael Murphy, “After Progressivism: Modern Composition, Institutional Service,and Cultural Studies.”

Honorable Mention: John Trimbur, “Articulation Theory and the Problem of Determination: A Reading of Lives on the Boundary.”

1992 Recipient

Jasper Neel, “Dichotomy, Consubstantiality, Technical Writing, Literary Theory:
The Double Orthodox Curse.”

1991 Recipients

Patricia A. Sullivan, “Writing in the Graduate Curriculum: Literary Criticism as Composition.”

Honorable Mention: Joseph Petraglia, “Interrupting the Conversation: The Constructionist Dialogue in Composition.”

1990 Recipients

Joy S. Ritchie, “Confronting the ‘Essential’ Problem: Reconnecting Feminist Theory and Pedagogy.”

Honorable Mention: Richard M. Coe, “Defining Rhetoric—and Us.”

1989 Recipient
David Bleich, “Genders of Writing.”

1988 Recipients

Reed Way Dasenbrock, “Becoming Aware of the Myth of Presence.”

Honorable Mention: William A. Covino, “Defining Advanced Composition: Contributions from the History of Rhetoric.”