The Elizabeth A. Flynn Award

Each year at the meeting of the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition at the CCCC Convention, JAC presents The Elizabeth A. Flynn Award for the most outstanding article in feminist rhetoric and composition. 

2013 Recipient
Rachel C. Riedner, "Lives of In-Famous Women: Gender, Political Economy, Nation-State Power and Persuasion in a Transnational Age," JAC 33.

2012 Recipient
Jason Barrett-Fox, "Rhetorics of Indirection, Indisecretion, Insurrection: The 'Feminine Style' of Anita Loos, 1912–1925," JAC 32.

2010 Recipient
Shannon Walters, “Animal Athena: The Interspecies Metis of Women Writers with Autism,” JAC 30.3-4.

2009 Recipient

Kathleen J. Ryan and Tarez Samra Graban, “Theorizing Feminist Pragmatic Rhetoric
as a Communicative Art for the Composition Practicum,” College Composition and Communication 61.1.

2008 Recipient

Eve Wiederhold, “Feminist Rhetoric and Representational Fatigue.” JAC 28.1-2.

2007 Recipient

Gae Lyn Henderson, “The ‘Parrhesiastic Game’: Textual Self-Justification in Spiritual Narratives of Early Modern Women,” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 37.4.

2006 Recipient

Carol Mattingly, “Uncovering Forgotten Habits: Anti-Catholic Rhetoric and Nineteenth Century American Women’s Literacy,” College Composition and Communication 58.2.

2005 Recipient

K Hyoejin Yoon, “Affecting the Transformative Intellectual: Questioning ‘Noble’ Sentiments in Critical Pedagogy and Composition,” JAC 25.4.

2004 Recipient

Wendy Wolters, “Without Sanctuary: Bearing Witness, Bearing Whiteness,” JAC 24.2.

2003 Recipient

Wendy S. Hesford  and Theresa A. Kulbaga, “Labored Realisms: Geopolitical Rhetoric and Asian American and Asian (Im)migrant Women’s (Auto)biography,” JAC 23.1.

2002 Recipient

Jacqueline Rhodes, “‘Substantive and Feminist Girlie Action’: Women Online,” College Composition and Communication 54.1.