Volume 7

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"The Process of Writing: A Philosophical Base in Hermeneutics" by James L. Kinneavy

"Teaching Students What Not to Say: Iser, Didion, and the Rhetoric of Gaps" by Chris Anderson

"The Politics of Teaching Professional Writing" by Kate Ronald

"The Languages of the Text: What Even Good Students Need to Know about Re-Writing"
by Susan V. Wall

"Using the Enthymeme as a Heuristic in Professional Writing Courses" by Martin J. Jacobi

"Rogerian Problem-Solving and the Rhetoric of Argumentation" by Nathaniel Teich

"Problem-Solving: The Debates in Composition and Psychology"
by Elizabeth B. House and William J. House

"'Chicken' and Poetry: The Unspeakable and the Unsayable" by W. Ross Winterowd

"Research Papers in Economics: A Collaborative Approach"
by Thomas Hemmeter and David Conners

"Some Thoughts on Arrangement" by Donald C. Stewart

"Readability: Reading/Writing Tools for Measurement" by Alice S. Horning

"A Sense of Audience or Conventional Wisdom?" by Laurie J. Andersen

"Ideology into Discourse: A Historical Perspective" by John Clifford

"Using High-Affect Goals in Teaching Proposal Writing"
by Richard C. Freed and Glenn J. Broadhead

"Bibliography of Text-Analysis and Writing-Instruction Software" by Ellen McDaniel


"Research in Composition and Rhetoric: A Bibliographic Sourcebook by Michael G. Moran & Ronald F. Lunsford, eds." by David E. Foster

"Writers on Writing by Thomas Waldrep, ed." by Tracey Baker

"A Grin on the Interface: Word Processing for the Academic Humanist by Alan T. McKenzie, ed., and The Computer in Composition Instruction: A Writer's Tool by William Wresch, ed." by Ronald A. Sudol

"Interactive Writing: Composing with a Word Processor by Helen Schwartz" by Richard B. Larsen

"Images and Words: Using Film to Teach Writing by Jeffrey Spielberger, ed." by Joseph J. Comprone

"Oldspeak/Newspeak: Rhetorical Transformations by Charles W. Kneupper, ed." by William T. Ross

"The Teacher-Researcher: How To Study Writing in the Classroom by Miles Myers" by John Hagge

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