Volume 5

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"Editorial" by Tim D. P. Lally

"Writing as Illusion" by Daryll Anderson

"The Student's Reader is Always a Fiction" by Susan Miller

"Textbook Reviewing and Professional Responsibility" by Ronald A. Sudol

"Reading, Responding, Composing: A Revisionary Approach" by Phillip Arrington

"On Revising Noun Compounds: Four Tests" by David S. Kaufer and Erwin R. Steinberg

"A Model for Analyzing Revision" by Carolyn Boiarsky

"Writing Across the Curriculum: Students as Scholars, Scholars as Students"
by Charles A. Bergman

"Readers, Writers, and Texts: Writing in the Abyss" by Jasper P. Neel

"Linguistics, Empirical Research, and Evaluating Composition" by Forrest Houlette

"An Experimental Study of Written Communication Apprehension and Language Choice in a Business Setting" by Don W. Stacks and Robert W. Boozer

"Some Uses of Autobiography: Private Writing in Public Spaces" by Elaine P. Maimon

"The Exercist: Atavistic Rhymes and Rhythms" by Robert Allen Papinchak

"Beyond the Workshop: Suggestions for a Process-Oriented Creative Writing Course"
by Don Bogen

"The Implied Author in Technical Discourse" by Mary B. Coney

"Beyond the Mechanical: Technical Writing Revisited" by Marla Mudar Iyasere

"Training Technical Communication Teachers in English Graduate Courses"
by Elizabeth Tebeaux


"Analyzing Prose by Richard A. Lanham" by Robert J. Connors

"Style and Readability in Technical Writing: A Sentence-Combining Approach by James DeGeorge, Gary A. Olson, and Richard Ray" by David H. Covington

"Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process by Peter Elbow"
by Rick A. Eden

"Reading, Writing, and Reasoning; A Rhetoric of Argument by Mary S. Sternglass"
by Richard A. Filloy

"Legal Writing: Sense and Nonsense by David Mellinkoff" by Michael Frost

"Writer's Block: The Cognitive Dimension by Mike Rose" by George H. Jensen

"Writing and Reading across the Curriculum by Lawrence Behrens and Leonard Rosen, eds." by Karen I. Spear

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