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"Narrating a Nation: Second Wave Immigration, Literacy, and the Framing of the American Identity" by C. Kendall Theado

"Vulnerability, Precariousness, and the Paradox of the 9/11 Imposter" by Amy E. Robillard

"Memories of Hope in the Age of Disposability" by Henry A. Giroux

"A Contradictory Assemblage of Self: James Frey, Creative Nonfiction, and the Empire of Oprah" by Kate Birdsall

"Recognizing the Effects of the Past in the Present: Theorizing A Way Forward on the Israel-
Palestine Conflict" by Matthew Abraham

"Watching the Clock: The Logics of Speed Literacy Practices" by Lynn C. Lewis

"Assuming Differently: Posthumanism, Enthymeme, and the Possibility of Change"
by Kristen Seas Trader

"Plagiarism, Academic Mobbing, and the Manufacture of Scandal" by Amy E. Robillard
and John W. Presley

"Learning from our Resourcefulness: Paulo Freire as Source and Figment of Composition Theory" by Stephen Sutherland

Response Essays

"Who’s Driving This Thing, Anyway?: Emotion and Language in Rhetoric and Neuroscience"
by Chris Mays

"A/In (Further) Defense of Irony" by Valerie R. Renegar and Charles E. Goehring

"Laughing at Nothing: A Response to Ryan Weber’s 'Ironically, We Dwell'" by Carolyn Veldstra

"Seeking, Playful Translators: Emotion, Difference, and Connection in Human-Animal Relations"
by Shannon Walters

"Temple Grandin and the Neuroscience of Empathy" by Priscilla Paton

"And Still the Children Suffer: The Dilemma of Standard English, Social Justice, and Social Access" by Rebecca Wheeler and Julia Thomas

"It Ain't What It Is: Code Switching and White American Celebrationists" by Vershawn Ashanti Young and Y'Shanda Young-Rivera

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