Volume 3

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"James Britton and the Pedagogy of Advanced Composition" by Karen Pelz

"Some Implications of Kenneth Burke's 'Way of Knowing' for Composition Theory"
by Virginia Allen

"Writing for Publication in an Advanced Course for Undergraduates" by Wilma Clark

"Managing Student Writing: A Cross-Disciplinary Venture"
by Eleanor M. Hoffman and Kenneth S. Risdon

"Assignments in the Humanities: Writing Intensive Course Design" by Linda R. Robertson

"On-Line Bibliographic Searches in Report Writing Courses"
by James Suchan and Craig Hawbaker

"The Creation of Metaphor: A Case for Figurative Language in Technical Writing Classes"
by Douglas M. Catron

"Invention and Metaphor" by Gene H. Krupa

"Between Writer and Text" by Gene H. Krupa

"The Composing Process of Technical Writers: A Preliminary Study"
by Nancy Roundy and David Mair

"The Role of Preconscious Thought in the Composing Process" by Nance Van Winckel

"Teaching Style: A Process-Centered View" by Leonora Woodman

"A Comparative Analysis of Revisions Made by Advanced Composition Students in Expressive, Persuasive, and Informative Discourse" by John Hagaman

"Re-Creating Creators: Teaching Students to Edit Autobiographical Materials" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"Problem-Solving and Autobiographical Writing" by Ronald J. Fortune

"State of the Art in Advanced Expository Writing: One Genus, Many Species"
by Bernice W. Dicks


"Helping Students Write Well: A Guide for Teachers in All Disciplines by Barbara E. Fassler Walvoord" by Christopher C. Burnham

"Style: Ten Lessons In Clarity and Grace by Joseph M. Williams" by Sharon Crowley

"A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnet" by Helen Isaacson

"A Bibliography of Basic Texts in Technical and Scientific Writing" by Carolyn R. Miller

"The Rhetorical Tradition and Modern Writing by James J. Murphy, ed." by Jane R. Walpole

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