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I. Watson Conference Keynote Articles

(Edited by Bruce Horner, with Min-Zhan Lu, Samantha NeCamp, Brice Norquist, and Vanessa Kraemer Sohan)

"Introduction: Working English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global-local Contexts, Commitments, Consequences" by Bruce Horner

"Multilingual Strategies of Negotiating English: From Conversation to Writing"
by Suresh Canagarajah

"'Nah, We Straight': An Argument Against Code Switching" by Vershawn Ashanti Young

"The Fine Art of Fencing: Nationalism, Hybridity, and the Search for a Native American Writing Pedagogy" by Scott Richard Lyons

"English in a Splintered Metropolis: South Africa After Apartheid" by John Trimbur

"Reframing Public Literacy: The loveLife Multimedia Campaign to Prevent HIV in South Africa"
by Jacqueline Jones Royster

"When People Write for Pay" by Deborah Brandt

"The Ethos of Paper: Here and There" by Catherine Prendergast and Roman Ličko

"Rethinking Composition, Five Hundred Years Later" by Damián Baca

Watson Conference Response Essays

"Locating Author(ity) in the Text" by Carol Mattingly

"Interrogating How English Ought to Work" by Samantha NeCamp

"Rethinking Language and Writing in Composition" by Ghanashyam Sharma

"Multilingual Literacy Strategies in Online Worlds" by Bronwyn T. Williams

"(Re)Working 'Writing' and the History of Composition" by Lisa R. Arnold

"Recovering and Deconstructing Composition 'Five Hundred Years Later'" by Brice Nordquist

"Working English(es) as Rhetoric(s) of Disruption" by Vanessa Kraemer Sohan

"On Politics, Praxis and 'Working' English in the Real World" by Scott L. Rogers

"Code-Meshing Meshed Codes: Some Complications and Possibilities" by John Vance

"Metaphors Matter: Transcultural Literacy" by Min-Zhan Lu

II. Articles

(Edited by Lynn Worsham and Julie Jung)

"The Age of Unreason: Race and the Drama of American Anti-Intellectualism"
by Susan Searls Giroux

"Writing Patients' Wrongs: The Rhetoric and Reality of Information Age Medicine"
by Karen Kopelson

"Pass it On: Revising the Plagiarism is Theft Metaphor" by Amy Robillard

Reiew Essays

"Emerging Methods of Visual Rhetorics" by Larie E. Gries

"Landscapes of Civic Literacy: The Rhetoric of Remembering" by Michelle Hall Kells

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