Volume 28.1-2

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"Capitalizing on Disaster: How the Political Right is Using Disaster to Privatize Public Schooling"
by Kenneth J. Saltman

"Against Publics (Exilic Writing)" by Michael Bernard-Donals

"Style and the Public Intellectual: Rethinking Composition in the Public Sphere" by Paul Butler

"A Matter of Perspective: Cartesian Perspectivalism and the Testing of English Studies"
by Kristie S. Fleckenstein

"Feminist Rhetoric and Representational Fatigue" by Eve Wiederhold

"Pedagogy and the Work of Michel Foucault" by Nicholas Thomas

"Folksono(me)" by Jeff Rice

"New Media and the Fourfold" by Jennifer Bay and Thomas Rickert

"A Pedagogy for Online Place: Emergence, Noise, and Student Discourse in Course Management Software" by Sue Hum

Review Essays

"Sustainability and Identity" by Katherine K. Sohn

"Political Affects: Trandisciplinary Trajectories of Affect and Emotion" by Ashley Falzetti


"The Knowledge Contract: Politics and Paradigms in the Academic Workplace by David B. Downing" by Christopher Carter

"In Pursuit of Knowledge: Scholars, Status, and Academic Culture by Deborah L. Rhode"
by M. Karen Powers

"The Economics of Attention: Style and Substance in the Age of Information by Richard A. Lanham" by Derek Mueller

"Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine by Judy Z. Segal" by Barbara Heifferon

"Women, Gender, and Technology by Mary Frank Fox, Deborah G. Johnson, and Sue V. Rosser, eds." by Lee Brasseur

"Composition and the Rhetoric of Science: Engaging the Dominant Discourse by Michael J. Zerbe" by Neil Patten

"Popular Culture and Representations of Literacy by Bronwyn T. Williams and Amy A. Zenger"
by Jeffrey Markovitz

"Regendering Delivery: The Fifth Canon and Antebellum Women Rhetors by Lindal Buchanan"
by Lori Ostergaard

"Local Histories: Reading the Archives of Composition by Patricia Donahue and Gretchen Flescher Moon, eds." by Lisa S. Mastrangelo

"The Locations of Composition by Christopher J. Keller and Christian R. Weisser, eds."
by David M. Grant

"African American Literacies Unleashed: Vernacular English and the Composition Classroom by Arnetha F. Ball and Ted Lardner" by Carmen Kynard

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