Volume 26.3-4

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"Remembering Composition (The Book): A DVD Production"
by Bump Halbritter and Todd Taylor

"Out of the Bazaar, into the Club, and Far Beyond with Monsieur Homi Bhabha"
by Mustapha Marrouchi

"Teaching for Social Justice: Reeducating the Emotions Through Literary Study"
by Mark Bracher

"Social Class as Discourse: Mapping the Landscape of Class in Rhetoric and Composition"
by James Thomas Zebroski

"Just Choose: Derivative Literacy as Economic Education" by Evan Watkins

"The Enthymematic Hegemony of Whiteness: The Enthymeme as Antiracist Rhetorical Strategy"
by Matthew Jackson

Response Essays

"From Identity to Emotion: Frameworks for Understanding, and Teaching Against, Anticritical Sentiments in the Classroom " by Jennifer Seibel Trainor

Review Essays
"The Humanities and Their Boundaries" by Ronald Strickland

"Interrogating Our Vision: The Ethical Potential and Challenges of Cyberspace"
by Donna LeCourt


"Crises of Memory and the Second World War by Susan Rubin Suleiman"
by Michael Bernard-Donals

"The Cultural Politics of Emotion by Sara Ahmed" by Rachel C. Riedner

"Postcolonial Narrative and the Work of Mourning: J.M. Coetzee, Wilson Harris, and Toni Morrison by Sam Durant" by Kimberly W. Segall

"Toward a Civil Discourse: Rhetoric and Fundamentalism by Sharon Crowley" by Jenny Edbauer

"Writing at the End of the World by Richard E. Miller" by Eric D. Lamore

"The Language of Experience: Literate Practices and Social Change by Gwen Gorzelsky"
by Julie Lindquist

"Race, Rhetoric, and Technology: Searching for Higher Ground by Adam J. Banks"
by Sandra D. Shattuck

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