Volume 25.2

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"War Rhetoric, Defensible and Indefensible" by Wayne C. Booth

"On Being a Traitor" by Hilton Obenzinger

"Postmodern Pluralism and the Retreat from Political Literacy" by Donald Lazere

"Marketing Excellence in Higher Education" by Christopher Carter (unavailable online)

"Cybernetics, Ethos, and Ethics: The Plight of the Bread-and-Butter-Fly"
by Kristie S. Fleckenstein

"Cynicism, Social Epistemic, and the Institutional Context of College Composition"
by Matthew A. Levy

"'Straightboyz4Nsync': Queer Theory and the Composition of Heterosexuality"
by Jonathan Alexander

Review Essays

"Edward Said: Criticism and Society at the Limits" by Matthew Abraham

"The Red and the Black: Life Narrative and Ethics" by Catherine Hobbs

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