Volume 25.1

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"Resisting Market Fundamentalism and the New Authoritarianism: A New Task for Cultural Studies?" by Henry A. Giroux

"Circuitous Subjects in Their Time Maps" by James J. Sosnoski and Ken S. McAllister

"History as a Challenge to the Idea of the University" by Jeffrey J. Williams
(unavailable online)

"We Compositionists: Toward Engaged Professionalism" by Chris Gallagher

"The Heidelberg Art Project as a Site of Literacy Activities and Urban Renewal Efforts: Impications for Composition Studies" by Valerie Kinloch

"(Meta)Physical Graffiti: 'Getting Up' as Affective Writing Model" by Jennifer H. Edbauer

"Emotion, Ethics, and Rhetorical Action" by Laura Micciche

"Pedagogical Practices and the Reparative Performance of Failure, or, 'What does [Queer] Knowledge do?'" by Nishant G. Shahani

Response Essays

"Haunting Questions: A Response to Trauma and Rhetoric" by Elizabeth Hirsh

Review Essays

"Risky Writing: Self-Disclosure and Healing through Writing" by Dale M. Bauer

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