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Special Issue on Trauma and Rhetoric: Part 2

"Healing Trauma , Preventing Violence: A Radical Agenda for Literary Study" by Mark Bracher

"Trauma without Disability, Disability without Trauma: A Disciplinary Divide" by James Berger

"'We Slipped into a Dream State': Dreaming and Trauma in Charlotte Delbo's Auschwitz and After" by Jason D. Tougaw

"Troping Trauma: Conceiving (of) Experiences of Speechless Terror"
by Rosemary (Gates) Winslow

"On Lies, Secrets, and Other Resistant Autobiographic Practices: Writing Trauma out of the Prison Industrial Complex" by Erica R. Meiners and Roberto Sanabria

"Trauma and the Rhetoric of Recovery: A Discourse Analysis of the Virtual Healing Journal of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors" by Riki Thompson

"From Trauma to (Re)Birth: The Birth Story as a Site of Transformation" by Alyssa B. Colton

"The Female Body Under Siege: The Trauma of Occupation in Liana Badr's The Eye of the Mirror" by Brinda J. Mehta

"Leslie Silko's Ceremony: Rhetorics of Ethical Reading and Composition" by Claudia Eppert

"Taking Attendance: Absent Writing and the Value of Suffering" by Matthew J. Newcomb

Review Essays

"Rhetorical Projections and Silences" by Wendy S. Hesford


"Cultural Traumas: Slavery and the Formation of African American Identity by Ron Eyerman"
by Ilene Crawford

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