Volume 22.3

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"Composition as Management Science: Toward a University without a WPA" by Marc Bousquet

"From Manchild to Baby Boy: Race and the Politics of Self-Help" by Henry A. Giroux

"Critical Ethnography, Ethics, and Work: Rearticulating Labor" by Bruce Horner

"Fighting Without Hatred: Hannah Arendt's Agonistic Rhetoric" by Patricia Roberts-Miller

"'W' as a Floating Signifier: Class and Politics after the 'Post'" by Rob Wilkie

Response Essays

"Passing from 'False' to 'True' Universality: A Reply to Robert Samuels" by Slavoj Žižek

"Enjoying Theory: Žižek, Critique, Accountability" by Thomas Rickert

"Rhetoric and Institutional Critique: Uncertainty in the Postmodern Academy" by Janet M. Atwill

"Language Policy and Normalization in South Africa: Some Other Lessons" by John Trimbur

"Language Rights and Political Change" by Stephen Parks

"Unquiet Gestures: Thoughts on a Productive Rhetoric(s) of Silence" by Cynthia Ryan

"Building a Theory of Affect in Cultural Studies Composition Pedagogy" by Ilene Crawford

"The Limits of Argument: A Response to Sean Williams" by Jennifer L. Bay

"Mother and Teacher: Subjectivity in 'Unmotherhood'" by Arabella Lyon


"Between Hope and Despair: Pedagogy and the Remembrance of Historical Trauma by Roger I. Simon, Sharon Rosenberg, and Claudia Eppert, eds." by Michael Bernard-Donals

"Traveling through the Boondocks: In and Out of Academic Hierarchy by Terry Caesar"
by Hephzibah Roskelly

"I—Writing: The Politics and Practice of Teaching First-Person Writing by Karen Surman Paley"
by Candace Spigelman

"Cold Warriors: Manliness on Trial in the Rhetoric of the West by Suzanne Clark"
by Lisa Langstraat

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