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"Towards an Epistemology of Composition" by John Gage

"Calculators and Quality: A Paradox for Writing Teachers" by Ralph F. Voss

"Enclosures: The Narrative Within Autobiography" by Judith Fishman

"Conversations with the Oriental Man: An Approach to the Imagination in Writing Class"
by Richard Koch

"Variations in Composing Style" by Rory D. Stephens

"The Rhetoric of the Paragraph: A Reconsideration" by C. H. Knoblauch

"Ramus Revisited: The Uses and Limits of Classical Rhetoric" by Jane R. Walpole

"A Rhetorical Model of Prose Styles: Notes Toward a Synthesis of Rhetoric and Poetics"
by Leonora Woodman

"'Advanced Composition' and Occasion-Sensitivity" by James P. Beck

"The Irony Game: Assessing a Writer's Adaptation to an Opponent"
by David S. Kaufer and Christine M. Neuwirth

"Why Graduate Students Can't Write: Implications of Research in Writing Anxiety for Graduate Education" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"Incorporating Sentence Combining into the Advanced Composition Class" by Gary A. Olson

"The Canisius Project: From Field-Work to Classroom"
by Melvin W. Schroeder and Kenneth H. Sroka

"How Can a Major in Composition Be Established?" by Arthur W. Shumaker

"Linguistics, Obeah, Acupuncture, and the Teaching of Writing by That Bastard Sledd"
by James Sledd

"Changes in the Training of Writing Teachers" by Jay A. Ward

"The Technical Talk: More Effective Use of Visual Aids" by Jack Jobst

"The Passive in Technical and Scientific Writing" by Lilita Rodman


"Looking for Books? Two 'Advanced Composition' Texts and One Draftee" by Bernice W. White

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