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Special Cluster in Memory of James L. Kinneavy

"Memories of Jim Kinneavy" by David Jolliffe

"Jim Kinneavy: Convivial Savant" by W. Ross Winterowd

"James Kinneavy and the Struggle over Composition" by Gary A. Olson

"Tribute to a Benevolent Patriarch" by Susan C. Jarratt

"James L. Kinneavy and the Ethical Imperative" by Phillip Sipiora

"Remembering Jim Kinneavy" by Thomas P. Miller


"Taming Multiculturalism: The Will to Literacy in Composition Studies" by Peter Vandenberg

"'Yes, We Eat Dog Back Home': Contrasting Disciplinary Discourse and Praxis on Diversity"
by Sue Hum

"Reading Student Resistance: The Case of the Missing Other" by Richard Boyd

"Composition, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and the Postindustrial Concern" by Darin Payne

"'Addicted to Love'; Or, Toward an Inessential Solidarity" by D. Diane Davis

"From the Contact Zone to the City: Iris Marion Young and Composition Theory"
by Christy Friend

"A New Way of Doing Business: Articulating the Economics of Composition"
by Margaret Baker Graham, Elizabeth Birmingham, and Mark Zachry

Response Essays

"'The Wasteland Grows'; Or, What is 'Cultural Studies for Composition' and Why Must We Always Speak Good of It?: ParaResponse to Julie Drew" by Victor J. Vitanza

"On Critique, Cultural Studies, and Community: A Regular Sort of Reply to Victor Vitanza"
by Julie Drew

"On the Discipline and Pleasure of Perilous Acts" by Lynn Worsham

"On the Pleasure of Misreading: T. R. Johnson Replies to Lynn Worsham" by T. R. Johnson


"Intentions: Negotiated, Contested, and Ignored by Arabella Lyon" by James E. Seitz

"Composition in the University: Historical and Polemical Essays by Sharon Crowley"
by Raúl Sánchez

"The Resistant Writer: Rhetoric as Immunity, 1850 to the Present by Charles Paine"
by Donna Strickland

"Ethical Dilemmas in Feminist Research: The Politics of Location by Gesa E. Kirsch"
by Jane E. Hindman

"Reality by Design: The Rhetoric and Technology of Authenticity in Education by Joseph Petraglia" by Kate Ronald

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