Volume 17.2

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Special Issue on Race, Class, and Writing

"Race and the Public Intellectual: A Conversation with Michael Eric Dyson" by Sidney I. Dobrin

"Maybe a Colony: And Still Another Critique of the Comp Community" by Victor Villanueva, Jr.

"Where Have All the Public Intellectuals Gone? Racial Politics, Pedagogy, and Disposable Youth"
by Henry A. Giroux

"Teaching My Class" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"The Racist Other" by Thomas West

"Racial Conflict and Radical Pedagogy in the Contact Zone" by Stephen Gilbert Brown

"Race on the Superhighway: How E-Mail Affects African American Student Writers"
by Teresa M. Redd and Victoria W. Massey

"Race Identity, Writing, and the Politics of Dignity: Reinvigorating the Ethics of 'Students' Right to Their Own Language'" by Patrick Bruch and Richard Marback


"Rhetorics, Poetics, and Cultures: Refiguring College English Studies by James A. Berlin"
by John Clifford

"Fencing with Words: A History of Writing Instruction at Amherst College During the Era of Theodore Baird, 1938–1966 by Robin Varnum" by Katherine H. Adams

"Reclaiming Rhetorica: Women in the Rhetorical Tradition by Andrea A. Lunsford, ed."
by Lois P. Agnew et al.

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