Volume 16.1

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"Writing, Literacy, and Technology: Toward a Cyborg Writing" by Gary A. Olson

"Emerson and the Death of Pathos" by W. Ross Winterowd

"What Does It Mean to Learn? William Bennet, the Educational Testing Service, and a Praxis of the Sublime" by Richard E. Miller

"Worlds in the Making: The Literacy Project as Potential Space" by Nancy Welch

"Beyond the Postmodern Impasse of Agency: The Resounding Relevance of John Dewey's Tacit Tradition" by Donald C. Jones

"Reconsidering Behaviorist Composition Pedagogies: Positivism, Empiricism, and the Paradox of Postmodernism" by David Wallace

"Teaching Expressive Writing as a Narrative Fiction" by Candace Spigelman

"A Contributing Listener and Other Composition Wives: Reading and Writing the Feminine Metaphors in Composition Studies" by Pegeen Reichert


"On Colonies, Canons, and Ellis Cose's The Rage of a Privileged Class" by Victor Villanueva

Response Essays

"Writing as Resistance" by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"Waiting for the Other: Lyotard on Writing, Resistance, and Potential" by Debra Jacobs


"Aristotle's Voice: Rhetoric, Theory, and Writing in America by Jasper Neel" by Deborah Kelsh

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