Volume 15.1

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"Jane Tompkins and the Politics of Writing, Scholarship, and Pedagogy" by Gary A. Olson

"Spinning Like a Kite: A Closer Look at the Pseudotransactional Function of Writing"
by Joseph Petraglia

"Hall of Mirrors: Antifoundationalist Theory and the Teaching of Writing" by David W. Smit

"The Emergence of the Feminine Voice, 1526—1640: The Earliest Published Books by English Renaissance Women" by Elizabeth Tebeaux and Mary M. Lay

"Edifying Violence: Peter Elbow and the Pedagogical Paradox" by John Channing Briggs

"Hearing Voices in English Studies" by Margaret Baker Graham and Patricia Goubil-Gambrell

"The Phenomenology of Research: The Construction of Meaning in Composition Research"
by Kevin Davis

"The Metaphor of Collage: Beyond Computer Composition"
by Russel Wiebe and Robert S. Dornsife, Jr.


"Blood in Your Mouth" by Kurt Spellmeyer

Response Essays

"On Transforming the English Department: A Response to J. Hillis Miller" by Patricia Harkin

"Learning About Learning About Deconstruction: An Epi(tryingtobe)gone" by Jasper Neel


"Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color by Victor Villanueva, Jr." by Raúl Sánchez

"Cultural Studies in the English Classroom by James A. Berlin and Michael J. Vivion, eds."
by Susan Miller

"Into the Field: Sites of Composition Studies by Ann Ruggles Gere, ed., and The Powers of Literacy: A Genre Approach to Teaching Writing by Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis, ed."
by Donald Lazere

"Paralogic Rhetoric: A Theory of Communicative Interaction by Thomas Kent" by Irene Ward

"Re-Imagining Computers and Composition: Teaching and Research in the Virtual Age by Gail Hawisher and Paul LeBlanc, eds." by Linda Myers

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