Volume 12.2

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"Fish Tales: A Conversation with 'The Contemporary Sophist'" by Gary A. Olson

"Cognitive Psychologists, Social Constructionists, and Three Nineteenth-Century Advocates of Authentic Voice" by Donald C. Stewart

"Repositioning the Profession: Teaching Writing to African American Students" by Thomas Fox

"Dichotomy, Consubstantiality, Technical Writing, Literary Theory: The Double Orthodox Curse" by Jasper Neel

"The Annotated Space: A Dialogue on the Marriage of Composition and Literary Theories"
by Arnold Edelstein and Jeffrey Carroll

"What Counts as Writing: An Argument From Engineers' Practice" by Dorothy A. Winsor

"Magic And/As Rhetoric: Outlines of a History of Phantasy" by William A. Covino

"Inquiry as a Human Process: Interviews with Researchers Across the Disciplines"
by John Reiff and Judith Kirscht

"Evaluating Writing Programs: Paradigms, Problems, Possibilities" by Susan H. McLeod

"Toward an Ethics of Teaching Writing in a Hazardous Context—The University"
by Sandy Moore and Michael Kleine

"Rendering the 'Text' of Composition" by Sheryl I. Fontaine and Susan Hunter

Response Essays

"A Response to Gary Olson's Interview with Paulo Freire" by C. H. Knoblauch

"Freirean Pedagogy in the U.S.: A Response" by James A. Berlin

"A Note to JAC Readers" by Janice M. Lauer

"The Agon Continues: A Reply to Janice Lauer" by Phillip Arrington

"Thomas Kent and Donald Davidson: The Peril of Communication" by Alan G. Gross

"The Hope of Communication" by Thomas Kent

Special Cluster in Memory of Donald C. Stewart

"Letters to Norma and Ross from Don" by W. Ross Winterowd

"Don Stewart: A Personal Memoir" by Winifred Bryan Horner

"Donald C. Stewart: A Colleague" by David Smit


"Rhetoric and Irony: Wesern Literacy and Western Lies by C. Jan Swearingen"
by Elizabeth Giddens

"(Inter)views: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Rhetoric and Literacy by Gary A. Olson and Irene Gale, eds." by G. Douglas Atkins

"Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing by Jay David Bolter"
by Douglas Hesse

"Something Old, Something New: College Writing Teachers and Classroom Change by Wendy Bishop" by Michael Strickland

"Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric in North America by Nan Johnson" by Virginia Allen

"An Introduction to Composition Studies by Erika Lindemann and Gary Tate, eds."
by William J. Rouster

"Defining the New Rhetoricsm by Theresa Enos and Stuart C. Brown, eds." by Fred Reynolds

"Textual Dynamics of the Professions: Historical and Contemporary Studies of Writing in Professional Communities by Charles Bazerman and James Paradis, eds." by Carolyn Matalene

"Contending with Words: Composition and Rhetoric in a Postmodern Age by Patricia Harkin and John Schilb, eds." by G. Douglas Atkins

"Writing and Reading Mental Health Records: Issues and Analysis by John Frederick Reynolds et al." by Nancy R Comley

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