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"History, Praxis, and Change: Paulo Freire and the Politics of Literacy" by Gary A. Olson

"Paulo Freire and the Politics of Postcolonialism" by Henry A. Giroux

"The Other Reader" by Joseph Harris

"The History of Composition: Reclaiming Our Lost Generations" by Robin Varnum

"Externalism and the Production of Discourse" by Thomas Kent

"Self and Liberatory Pedagogy: Transforming Narcissism" by Nick Tingle

"Authorship and Individuality: Heideggerian Angles" by James Crosswhite

"The Shame of the Current Standards for Promotion and Tenure" by Edward P. J. Corbett

"Resistance to Reading: Another View of the Minefield" by Joy S. Ritchie

"Why Read What?: The Politics of Composition Anthologies" by George Otte

"Mining Texts in Reading to Write" by Stuart Greene

"Realism, Human Action, and Instrumental Discourse" by M. Jimmie Killingsworth

Response Essays

"The Somewhat Unitary World of Clifford Geertz" by Linda Brodkey

"Clifford Geertz on Writing and Rhetoric" by Lisa Ede

"Work with Us, James Sledd: A Response" by M. Elizabeth Wallace

"The Nasty Old Man Replies" by James Sledd


"The Methodical Memory: Invention in Current-Traditional Rhetoric by Sharon Crowley"
by Robert J. Connors

"Rereading the Sophists:Classical Rhetoric Refigured by Susan C. Jarratt" by Jasper Neel

"The Gender Reader by Evelyn Ashton-Jones and Gary A. Olson, eds." by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"Teaching Advanced Composition: Why and How by Katherine H. Adams and John L. Adams, eds." by David Chapman

"An Unquiet Pedagogy: Transforming Practice in the English Classroom by Eleanor Kutz and Hephzibah Roskelly" by Sue Carter Simmons

"Balancing Acts: Essays on the Teaching of Writing in Honor of William F. Irmscher by Virginia A. Chappell, Mary Louise Buley-Meissner, and Chris Anderson, eds." by Michael Strickland

"Released into Language: Options for Teaching Creative Writing by Wendy Bishop"
by Mari LoNano

"Reading-to-Write: Exploring a Cognitive and Social Process by Linda Flower, et al."
by Charles Bazerman

"Nothing Begins with N: New Investigations of Freewriting by Pat Belanoff, Peter Elbow, and Sheryl I. Fontaine, eds." by Mary Ann Merz

"Collaborative Writing in Industry: Investigations in Theory and Practice by Mary M. Lay and William M. Karis, eds." by Sam Dragga

"Dialogue, Dialectic, and Conversation: A Social Perspective on the Function of Writing by Gregory Clark" by Christine O'Leary McAfee

"The Politics of Writing Instruction: Postsecondary by Richard Bullock and John Trimbur, eds."
by Catherine Hobbs Peaden

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