Volume 1.2

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"Advanced Composition, 1980: The State of the Art" by Rita Sturm

"The Structure of Advanced Composition" by Jeanne W. Halpern

"A Taxonomy of Communication Acts for the Design of Advanced Writing Courses"
by J.C. Mathes

"Teaching Rhetoric to Students in Upper Division and Professional Degree Program Courses"
by Dwight W. Stevenson

"The Best Stylists: A Survey of Editors, and Implications for the Teaching of Style"
by Lynne Spigelmire

"Rewriting in Advanced Composition: A Perspective" by William B. Stone

"Using Discourse Analysis Scales to Encourage Thoughtful Revision in a Kinneavy-Framed Advanced Composition Course" by John Hagaman

"Outline Later" by Richard M. Coe

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